Setting up Tablo ENGINE - Part 2: Getting Started

This is a continuation of Setting up Tablo ENGINE - Part 1: Permissions.

Once the Tablo ENGINE has started up, the app will walk you through the rest of the setup process. This should only take a few minutes. Follow the instructions on screen, and attach the antenna to your tuner (if it isn’t already).





Verify your location settings in the app. The Tablo ENGINE application will attempt to use your current location, if your NVIDIA SHIELD has device location enabled. Otherwise, you can enter your zip/postal code manually. Select Continue to run your first channel scan.



You may want to scan several times with different antenna positions or orientations to get the most number of channels. To scan for channels again, select the Rescan button.

Once you are satisfied that you are receiving the most available channels, you can enable or disable individual channels by selecting them individually. The app will identify major channels by placing a checkmark next to the channel.

Only channels with a check mark will be enabled to watch live and to record programs. At this time, if there are channels in which you’re not interested that have a checkmark, you may remove them by selecting the checkmark.

When you are satisfied with the channel list, select Add to Guide to start downloading the program guide. 




The Program Guide Data will then be downloaded from the internet to your Tablo ENGINE app. Tablo ENGINE will download the first day of programming for each channel before allowing full access to the rest of the app.

The remaining 13 days of data will be downloaded in the background. This is a one-time operation. Moving forward, guide data will be downloaded nightly.




Select Get Started to begin watching and recording live OTA TV. View our Tablo ENGINE User Guide here.

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