Tablo ENGINE User Guide


Selecting your Tablo's name at the top of the navigation bar will display your Tablo ENGINE's settings. For a full breakdown of the Settings Screen, view this article.


Once you have completed the Tablo ENGINE setup, it will direct you to the Live TV screen. This screen will show all 14 days of guide data in a grid guide. You can scroll horizontally on this screen to see all 14 days of data.


You can select the channel number in the left column of the live TV screen to begin playing that channel live.  


The Tablo ENGINE app allows you to select any airing from the grid guide to record. You can choose to record all airings (including old or re-run episodes), or just new airings. You can view all upcoming airings of a particular show and mark specific episodes to record.


Existing recordings will appear in the Recordings screen. Select any show to view a list of all recorded episodes. From here you can watch your recordings and delete them afterwards. The Tablo ENGINE app will sort existing recordings by season and episode.


The Guide screen displays all 14 days worth of guide data in an easily navigable user interface. This screen allows you to quickly browse through all upcoming shows, movies, sporting events and more. Future updates will add filtering options for even faster browsing.


The Scheduled screen will show all upcoming airings that are scheduled to record. From here, you can change any scheduled airings. You can disable scheduled shows, or change their scheduled details.



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