New Tablo Setup: Channel Scans

Tablo Support - David
Tablo Support - David
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Once you’ve got your Tablo on your network, you’ll need to do a channel scan. This process allows the Tablo app to use your OTA antenna to run a channel scan, select the channels you’d like to watch, and add them to your guide. Once this is done, the Tablo will begin to download 14 days of guide data for each of the channels you’ve selected.

To run a channel scan, open the Tablo app of your choice and navigate to:

Settings > Edit location > Use current > Begin channel scan > Add to guide.

You may want to scan several times with different antenna positions or orientations to get the most number of channels. To scan for channels again, hit the rescan button.



Once you are satisfied that you are receiving the most available channels, you can enable or disable individual channels by selecting them individually. The app will identify major channels by placing a checkmark next to the channel.

Only channels with a check mark will be enabled to watch live and to record programs. At this time, if there are channels in which you’re not interested that have a checkmark, you may remove them by selecting the checkmark. When you are satisfied with the channel list, select Add to Guide to start downloading the program guide.

If you’re having issues finding the channels you’re looking for during channel scans, try improving your reception. We have a number of suggestions on how to do this here:

If a channel you're expecting is not showing up in your scan, this is usually because your OTA antenna is not able to obtain a channel lock during the scan process. This can be remedied by improving your antenna's reception. We have several suggestions on how to improve weak reception here:

If you’d like to read up on some of the technical aspects of how OTA TV works, why some channels may show up on your TV and not your Tablo, all of this and more is covered on our blog: