Tablo DVR Firmware Update Tips & Tricks

When a new firmware release is available for Tablo, your iOS, Android and web-based apps will notify you of its availability and prompt you to install it. 

Some things to note about firmware updates:

  • Do not reset your Tablo during the update process - this can cause faults on your hard drive.
  • When it is powered on, your Tablo checks every 4 hours to see if an update is available. 
  • App updates for iOS, Android and Roku may take a few hours to appear.
  • If you initialize a firmware update during a recording, this will cause your recording to fail.
  • You can choose to delay the firmware update, but please try to keep your Tablo as up-to-date as possible to enjoy an optimal experience.


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    Barry Zimmerman

    How are firmware updates actually applied? *(by user, or by Tablo once user has given the OK?) This article gives "tips" without saying how you actually DO a firmware update.
    What security measures are taken to prevent infected firmware from being installed? (checksums on downloaded files? encryption? etc.)
    Is there a password (that I as a user can control/change) that must be given before any executable code in my Tablo can be modified? If not, why not?

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